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The Botanist is the first and only gin from the Isle of Islay. It is made with 9 classic gin spices and a unique blend of 22 hand-picked plants, which only grow on the Isle of Islay.
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Elephant Sloe gin uses the famous London Dry recipe from the same range, adding sloe aromas. The fruits undergo a slow maceration in order to obtain an extraordinary aromatic power.
44°N GIN 50 CL
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44°N GIN 50 CL

44 ° N- a gin imagined and distilled in Grasse, the world capital of perfume. We set down our suitcases, where the deep blue sea and the generous sun nourish the aromatic plants of Provence.
Created in 1999, Hendrick’s is the only gin to add essences of cucumber from the Netherlands and rose petals from Bulgaria, offering both a refreshing taste and a delicious floral aroma. Its bottle recalls the apothecary bottles of the Victorian era.
MARE GIN 42,7° 70 CL
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This gin results from the individual maceration in a grain alcohol of four aromatics, thyme, basil, rosemary and above all arbequina. This variety of olive harvested in Catalonia, of which it takes 7 kilos to obtain a liter of oil, offers a real aromatic concentration. With such concentration, we understand better why the arbequina plays the main role...
The dry gin Monkey 47 Schwarzwald was born over 60 years ago out of pure nostalgia for England: the gentleman and great traveler Montgomery Collins settled in the Black Forest in 1951 and opened his inn there (Zum Wilden Affen). In previous years, he had invested a lot in the reconstruction of the Berlin Zoo and had even taken on the sponsorship of a...
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Bombay Sapphire is a delicate blend of flavors from all over the world. Cassier bark from Indochina, juniper berries from Italy, lemon peel from Spain, coriander seeds from Morocco, licorice from China, seeds of Paradise from West Africa, Orris roots from Italy, almonds from Spain, cubeb berries from Java and angelica roots from Saxony are the ten spices...
Citadelle is a French artisanal gin. It was originally developed in a Dunkirk distillery at the end of the 18th century. This premium gin is distilled in small open-fire copper stills to achieve a refined character on the palate. The result is a fabulous gin made from 19 different botanicals, including Moroccan coriander, French juniper, Mexican orange...
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Gin del Professore is a collaboration between Federico Ricatto, Carlos Quaglia and the Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome. The Madame gin has extra layers of sweetness from cinnamon, vanilla and wild rose.
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Del Professore Monsieur is a unique gin, of which only the Jerry Thomas Project holds the secret. The latter is entirely composed of berries picked in Italy. The 16 botanicals used are cold infused in a juniper distillate with spices and herbs.
KI NO BI, the "beauty of the seasons", is a Japanese gin made in Kyoto, in a traditional distillery. It is made from rice alcohol and local ingredients such as yellow yuzu (a Japanese acidic citrus fruit harvested when ripe), Uji gyokuro tea (also grown in the Kyoto region and harvested by hand from unpruned tea bushes), and sansho pepper (not pungent,...
Hendricks Lunar Gin is the second limited edition release from Hendricks very own master distiller, Lesley Gracie. It follows the launch of Hendricks Midsummer Solstice in 2019. This latest concoction has been inspired by the magical night sky. Bottled at 43.4% ABV, it's distinctly floral with a delicate spicy finish. It is said Gracie created this rich,...

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