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This exceptional cuvée was created in 1964 in homage to the founder of the House. It results from the assembly of great vintages from vineyards classified Côte des Blancs (Chardonnay) and the Montagne de Reims (Pinot Noir). Its vinification, partially in traditional oak barrels, underlines the generous character of this fine, elegant and rich wine. A...
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In 1991, just two years after Olivier arrived in Krug, a Clos surrounded by a protective wall since 1766 was discovered in Ambonnay, Krug's favorite village and the greatest source of Pinot Noir. The small 0.68 hectare site was purchased in 1994 and the first vintage was produced in 1995. Kept an absolute secret until its release in 2007, Olivier...


Krug Clos du Mesnil est une vraie rareté. Issu de la parcelle de vignes de Krug au Mesnil-sur-Oger, prisée pour son chardonnay, le millésime 2004 révèle tout le potentiel de cette parcelle d'exception. Vif et vif - et singulier à tous égards - ce champagne a vieilli pendant 12 ans dans les caves Krug, développant un caractère précis et une grâce...


The 2006 Krug vintage is generous and full - a champagne in the purest Krug style, with an expressive nose and palate. A real spectacle. Named “capricious indulgence” by the house, this prestigious cuvée was born from an unpredictable year. The 2006 will go down in history as one of the house's greatest. ".
The Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, a prestigious cuvée from Maison Pol Roger, was created as a tribute to Sir Winston Churchill, with as references the qualities he appreciated in Champagne: robustness, structure and maturity. Even if its exact composition is a secret jealously kept by the members of the Pol Roger family, it is undeniable that it is based...
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This special brut Bollinger vintage is the best representative of this famous house. Bollinger alone symbolizes the excellence of Champagne. This venerable family house, founded in 1829, has known how to reinvent itself by producing high quality champagnes while maintaining its inimitable style. The entire Bollinger range is a masterful lesson in...
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The origins of Maison De Sousa go back to the First World War, when Manuel De Sousa arrived in France joining "the hairy". At the end of the war, he moved to Avize where his son married a winegrower's daughter, giving birth to La Maison de Champagne De Sousa. When Erick De Sousa took over the reins in 1986, an exceptional progression took place, making...
DOM PERIGNON 2008 300cl
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Champagne Dom Pérignon is always made from 7 Grands Crus and a Premier Cru: Hautvillers and is always Vintage. It is a Champagne produced during exceptional years from grapes harvested the same year. The first vintage year was 1921 and a total of 41 years since 1921 have been produced in Champagne Blanc.
Cuvée de prestige du Champagne Ruinart, Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs est un assemblage de Grand Cru uniquement, pur Chardonnay. Avec des raisins majoritairement issus de la Côte des Blancs, cette cuvée est un champagne ferme et musclé avec un style réducteur qui récompense la patience s'il est laissé en cave. ».
This exceptional cuvée is a tribute to the Ruinart taste. The 2007 Dom Ruinart vintage is a unique wine, resulting from a rare year in Champagne with its harvests giving low volumes. Nevertheless, the year shines with the very good quality of its Chardonnays. is a rare wine, which offers a remarkable tasting experience. Presented in a box, this...
The idea of Grand Siècle is based on one observation: nature will probably never give us the perfect oenological year, on the other hand the art of blending can make it possible to recreate it with each new iteration. Far beyond rare vintages, Grand Siècle is the choice of not one but three exceptional years, with complementary oenological profi les....
Cuvés Les Cinq Filles is a unique Blanc de Blancs where the grapes are grown from the chalky and lightly sandy, transcendent soils of Verzanay. A unique terroir of the region, it typically produces the world's most renowned Pinot Noir varieties. Les Cinq Filles differs as it was created on 100% Chardonnay grape is truly a Grand Cru, an incredible cuvée,...
It is one of the greatest prestige brands in Champagne. This family house was founded in Epernay in 1811. In 1854, Perrier-Jouët decided to develop the reputation of his champagne abroad, especially in England, he would also quickly become the official supplier to the English Court and of queen victoria ".
It is one of the greatest prestige brands in Champagne. This family house was founded in Epernay in 1811. In 1854, Perrier-Jouët decided to develop the reputation of his champagne abroad, especially in England, he would also quickly become the official supplier to the English Court and of queen victoria ".
The emblem of Maison Ruinart where Chardonnay reigns supreme. The Blanc de Blancs de Ruinart develops a subtle balance between roundness and suppleness. A pure burst of flavors, finesse and refinement, with great aromatic power, this Ruinart Blanc de Blancs has the intact purity of the Chardonnay grape varieties from which it is 100%. A real treasure to...
Its grape, mainly from the Côte des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims, is at the heart of all its cuvées. The Chardonnay grape is the soul of Maison Ruinart. ".
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Salon is a unique champagne. Everything in this exceptional wine is under the sign of one: originally, a man's champagne, Aimé Salon, from a single terroir, the Côte des Blancs, from a single cru, Mesnil-sur-Oger, from a single grape variety, Chardonnay, from a single year, that of a great vintage. ".
The Veuve Clicquot. Here is a very original and very curious name for a champagne house. In 1772, the Clicquot house was founded by Philippe Clicquot, from a family of bankers and textile merchants. His ambition is to cross borders for the production of his vines, which he markets through his business, whose brand is quite simply Clicquot. He will...


The Bollinger Rosé is a recent creation, 2008 exactly, but it benefits from all the know-how of the house in terms of red wines, in particular that which it produces from the Côte aux Enfants in the Grand Cru Aÿ. The still red wine that will give birth to this rosé comes from the Grand Cru Verzenay. It is so powerful that it enters only 5% in the final...
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In 1974, one hundred years after the creation of Cristal, Jean-Claude Rouzaud created the Cristal Rosé cuvée by selecting old Pinot noir vines, located on the best terroirs of the Grand Cru d'Aÿ, today cultivated biodynamically. Drawing an exquisite minerality from the unique limestone soil of this terroir, these grapes have the particularity of...
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Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé 2012 champagne is a giant with the finesse and elegance of a ballet dancer! "Throughout the tasting, the finesse remains incredibly intertwined in the powerful substance: Cristal Rosé 2012 has the youth, strength and elegance of an Edgar Degas ballerina. »- Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Master Louis Roederer. Louis Roederer...
Boërl & Kroff is crafted in Champagne but its terroir, the origins of its grape variety and its flavour – which can on occasions be likened to consummate white wines – lend it a Burgundy spirit. Hence, the home of Maison Boërl & Kroff nestles in the heart of Burgundy’s wine lands, not far from the border with Champagne, at Château de Chevigny. 
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PLENITUDE SECOND, P2 Rosé 1996. The year was mixed, the summer capricious, the wet periods not being able to compensate for an early water deficit. It is ultimately the hot weather in the month preceding the harvest (start spread between September 16 and October 1) that make the exceptional maturity of the vintage, maturity marked by an unprecedented...
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Unique in its blend with 81% Chardonnay and 19% Pinot Noir, Dom Ruinart rosé 2004 is one of the most delicately aromatic rosé champagnes. It is a very, very large rosé champagne with a RUINART taste, so very marked by the finesse of the Chardonnays. The 2004 vintage surprises with its intensity and aromatic complexity. It will go perfectly with a...

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